Animation Portfolio

Athens Game Jam 2015 Prize Winner: “Bitchin’ Brawl (1980)”


Gameplay Screenshot from “Bitchin’ Brawl (1980)

Status: Completed

Contribution: Character Sprite Animation

Winner of the “Best Implementation” Prize at the Athens Game Jam (2015)

Ever wonder what would happen if the A-Team’s B. A. Baracus (Mr. T) encountered the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? We toss these two iconic 80’s personalities into the fighting ring, a la Street Fighter II. Who will stand victorious?

Bitchin’ Brawl is a 2015 Athens Game Jam project ( The theme for the Game Jam was “80’s”. We had 48 hours to make this game. Some art assets are copyright their original owners. All other work done by Andrew Ho, David Harald, Dustin Checketts, Richard Saney, and Taylor Read.


“The Consequatch” (2014)

Status: Completed

Contributions: Creator (Writing, Storyboarding, Modeling, UV Mapping, Rigging, Texturing, Animating, Lighting, Rendering, Sound Design, Voice Acting, Directing)

You’d better behave yourself, unless you want to suffer the Consequatch.

The Consequatch is a stylized 3D animated film about a troublemaking young boy being visited by a fearsome monster. Bringing a new humorous spin on every childʼs nightmares about the monsters under their beds, the Consequatch is sure to take you by surprise.

The film was completed in August 2014.


“Nor: A Cloud Story” – Directed by Nora Graven and Michelle Ionescu

Still from "Nor: A Cloud Story"

Still from “Nor: A Cloud Story”

Status: Completed

Contribution: 3D Character Animation, Art Direction, Media Team

“Nor: A Cloud Story” is a CG animated film about the rivalry between two young cloud creatures in their pursuit to capture stray balloons. The film consists of stylized 3D environment, assets, and character animation integrated with 2D effects animation and illustrative texture mapping.The tone of the film is lighthearted supported by a whimsical and uplifting musical score and environmental sound effects.


“Achieving Lift” – Directed by Jeff Sawhill

Style Frame from "Lift"

Style Frame from “Achieving Lift”

Status: Completed

Contribution: 3D Character Animation

“Achieving Lift” is a stylized steampunk aesthetic, 3D animated film that follows the perspective of a young adventurous boy on a visit to the library with his mother. Waiting at the reception desk, the young boy’s interest is peaked when the motorized restocking lift, piloted by the librarian, comes to a stop in front of him. The boy then runs to the machine and takes the lift for a joy ride, full of mechanical whirling, swooshes and falling books.